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Every health conscious person who enjoys cooking has asked this question at least once in their lifetime: what is the healthiest oil to cook with?

And we’re afraid there’s no one, easy answer. In fact, this question has been at the heart of on-going health debates for more than half a century. Healthy cooking oil is actually quite a complicated subject and the more science reveals about it, the “fatter” these debates become.

Ever since the 60s, many believed that saturated animal fats contribute to chronic health problems, including obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In an attempt to stay healthy, manufacturers began to replace saturated animal fats with unsaturated plant based oils, taking the market by storm overnight.

Nowadays there is a large selection of seemingly healthier cooking options available; but the truth is: not all saturated fats are bad for us, not all plant based oils are healthy for us and it largely depends on how you plan to use them too!

Let’s dive in.

The Basics: Healthy Oils For Cooking 101

To truly know which oil is the healthiest to cook with, there are a few factors you should become familiar with first.

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