natural lubricants
Oct 05

10 Best Natural, Homemade Lubricants for Better, Safer Sex

Natural, homemade lubricants have been around for hundreds of years (and possibly even before that time) to help promote a longer, better sex life. Nowadays there are many different kinds of lubes lining the shelves of adult novelty shops, all offering unique ways to enhance your sex life from flavoring to perfect consistencies. It’s really […]

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benefits of plants
Nov 08

8 Life Saving Benefits of Plants in the Office

The benefits of plants in the office is something that most people don’t know about. If you still think that having green stuff in the office is mere decoration, you’ll be floored to know just how much these little plants do apart from looking pretty. It’s funny how our bodies respond instinctively to the air […]

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non toxic air fresheners
Nov 05

8 Best Non Toxic Air Fresheners for Clean Scented Air

Let’s be honest. Non toxic air fresheners aren’t the first thing you think about when you start to green your home. I certainly didn’t. In fact, I totally forgot about it. It’s almost as if you get so used to certain scents in your home that they completely escape your notice. That’s how integral scents […]

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bentonite clay detox
Nov 03

Bentonite Clay Detox: How Does It Work and Should You Do It?

You already know that bentonite clay is great for soothing irritated skin and clearing out pores. But bentonite clay detox? That’s still very much an underrated function of this highly versatile clay. Which is a shame since bentonite clay (also known as montmorillonite clay) is an extremely potent detox tool that’s gentle enough to be […]

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bidet benefits
Oct 19

8 Bidet Benefits That Can Save the World (And Your Butt)

Here’s something you don’t hear about in polite dinner conversation: the myriad bidet benefits for your personal health and the world as a whole. So let’s talk about something we have all been doing nearly our entire lives, yet we rarely speak of – at least not in social circles. Because it’s a subject which […]

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ways to use less plastic
Oct 07

7 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic In Your Daily Life

You already know that disposable or not, plastic is one of the most environmentally damaging materials on the planet. You’re fully aware of its impact on our environment, health and carbon footprint. And of course, you want to stop using plastic. But let’s face it: it certainly ain’t easy. Especially when it seems that everywhere […]

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